Art By Michele Lee
About Michele Lee

I am a fine arts painter who  believes in creating in 
many different media

My main focus and education had been in fine arts I have a b f a from California Institute  of the Arts  & have attended Art Center College in Pasadena Ca, Otis Art Institute , and Rhode Island of Design. I've taught drawing at Los Angeles City College, and Santa Monica City College I have explored many areas of art , I have also explored the world and discovered that i love islands, dreaming, and creating in many different forms. I have designed  and sold one of a kind clothing , hats, jewelry,  one of a kind perfume bottles I have illustrated for the Los Angeles Times  and various other publications professionally . My paintings have been exhibited in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the Art Rental and Sales Gallery, and I have had art exhibitions on the island of Ibiza, Spain as well as various venues  in Los Angeles . 

Mainly I do commission work for clients, as I enjoy working with people  individually and professionally  My goal is to create work that people enjoy as well as create works that i feel express what i wish to express personally. My clients include many different types of people ,& institutions I have learned a lot from exploring and traveling the world My paintings have been described as " social satire"   these works are urban scenes in cafes , freeways, etc.  describing the urban daily life  in a fanciful way.  I also did a series of works i call " underwater paintings"  which were inspired by the  Spanish film " Lucia y sexo "  by Jullio Medem My paintings are usually  3x4 ft - 6 ft. 

Of course  I can create any variation on this for commissioned works for private clients . My art is very personal and intuitive.